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1 a United States coin worth one tenth of a dollar
2 street name for a packet of illegal drugs that is sold for ten dollars [syn: dime bag]

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From dîme, from decimus



  1. A coin worth one-tenth of a dollar. The physical coin is smaller than a penny.
  2. In the context of "Canada}} A coin worth one-tenth of a Canadian dollar.

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C, C-note, G, G-note, buck, cartwheel, cent, century, copper, dollar, dollar bill, fifty cents, fin, fish, five cents, five hundred dollars, five-dollar bill, five-hundred-dollar bill, five-spot, fiver, four bits, frogskin, grand, half G, half a C, half dollar, half grand, hundred-dollar bill, iron man, mill, nickel, penny, quarter, red cent, sawbuck, silver dollar, skin, smacker, ten cents, ten-spot, tenner, thousand dollars, thousand-dollar bill, twenty-dollar bill, twenty-five cents, two bits, two-dollar bill, two-spot, yard
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